Standing Out In Tech

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How to land more interviews as a Software Developer! Craft the perfect LinkedIn and GitHub profiles. Make your résumé stand out to recruiters. David Roberts is a Software Developer with over 20 years of experience. In addition to this, he has lead Talent Acquisition teams for multiple international agencies, interviewing thousands of software developers. This book will help you to stand out in the market so that recruiters pay attention and you can get the job you deserve!

Standing Out In Tech (*Includes checklists for LinkedIn and GitHub)

  • How recruitment works
  • Build a LinkedIn profile
  • Leveraging GitHub
  • Side projects, portfolios and supporting evidence
  • Networking for professionals
  • Applying for jobs differently
  • LinkedIn checklist
  • GitHub checklist

Checklist - LinkedIn

  • Headline
  • Banner image
  • About
  • Experience
  • Activity and featured posts
  • Featured posts
  • Applying for jobs differently
  • Education

Checklist - GitHub

  • Bio
  • Profile image
  • Pinned repositories
  • Contributions
  • Repository list
  • Repositories
  • Contact information
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How to craft the perfect LinkedIn and GitHub profiles. How to leverage your side projects. How to document your journey for maximum attention from recruiters and employers. How to stand out in the software developer market.


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Standing Out In Tech

12 ratings
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